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5 Risks of DIY Garage Door Repair

When something in your home breaks, it can be tempting to go the DIY route. Hiring professionals can be expensive and with the help of YouTube videos, there are many home repairs that you can do if you’re even a…

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Garage Door Service

Signs that you should have your garage door inspected immediately Unbalanced You should examine your garage door every month. During this examination, check to see if your door is balanced evenly. Try manually lowering your door to the halfway point…

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The Importance of R-Value in Insulation Installation

Insulating your basement, attic or even the crawl space in your home can greatly impart to your home’s energy efficiency. You might ask how one knows how much insulation is ideal; well that is exactly what R-value is all about….

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Get overhead door installation in Douglasville, GA

Overhead Door Installation Overhead door installation in Douglasville, GA is done by highly qualified professionals, Metro Garage Door, that have had immense experience in this field and who will listen to each and every one of your needs to come…

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